The Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department (SFMyPR) is responsible for supervising the correct operation of the ionising radiation production units as well as all auxiliary equipment. This process makes use of a large range of radiation detectors: 3D robot dummies that enable analysing the radiation beams, detector matrices, ionisation chambers, etc.

One of the most important functions of the Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department is that of the planning and dosimetry of all treatments given to each of our patients using virtual treatment simulators, 3D and 4D planners, treatment verification units, etc.

It is responsible for ensuring the safety and radiation protection of our patients, workers, the general public and the environment. This means, among other things, performing regular inspections of the treatment and verification units, making sure that they meet all current legislation and collaborating with all inspections carried out by the competent authorities.
All areas comply with the latest protocols and procedures in accordance with applicable regulations and the recommendations of national and international professional associations and organisations of recognised prestige.

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