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Center 1

The headquarters and company name

Ubicada en la Calle Escoles Pies, 81 (Esquina con Pau Alcover).

Centro 2

IMOR Bonanova

Se encuentra en el Paseo Bonanova, 69 sót 3

Our facilities have:

  • Two linear accelerators that allow external radiotherapy treatments.
  • A High Dose Rate (HDR) brachytherapy unit.
  • A Low Dose Rate brachytherapy unit.
  • Simulation room with exclusive CT equipment for radiotherapy (external and brachytherapy).
  • Implant room for brachytherapy interventions by placing vector needles or permanent radioactive seeds.
  • Gammateca where radioactive sources are stored for both treatment and verification.
  • Multipurpose room with wide visual access to the implant room.
  • Day hospital with 3 rooms, a nursing post and a relaxation room for family members.
  • There are also various medical offices and the Service of Medical Physics and Radiological Protection.