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IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy)

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IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) is a form of high-precision external radiotherapy where the dose of radiation administered by each of the beams is not uniform but modulated in three-dimension shapes to administer a higher dose to the tumor while minimizing the exposure of the surrounding healthy tissue to the radiation.

As IMRT allows the limitation of the dose proportion applied to the healthy tissue to a very low level compared to that applied to the tumor, it is possible to administer higher and more efficient doses of radiation to the tumor with fewer side effects than with conventional radiotherapy techniques. IMRT reduces the toxicity of the treatment.

IMRT is currently used to treat head and neck, prostate, breast, lung and central nervous system tumors. It is also used for breast cancer. In addition, it is used in gynecological, hepatic, lymphoma and sarcoma tumors, as well as some organs and areas close to them. IMRT is also useful for treating childhood tumors.

Specialist staff and equipment used

It is important to get an idea of the specialists involved in these tumor treatments such as the radiation oncologist, dosimetrist, nurses and, of course, the radiation therapist.

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy is given using a machine called linear accelerator that acts on a tumor in a targeted way. As a general rule and except for very few cases, patients do not feel any discomfort or sensation during the treatment and while the radiation is being administered. Only the noises of the equipment will be heard.

Further information about this treatment

For further information about IMOR, please visit our website. In addition, we invite you to contact us to get information about our cancer treatments based on intensity-modulated radiotherapy. It will be a pleasure for us to inform you about everything concerning the treatment and to assist you to put the right diagnosis.