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The IMOR Foundation, Medical Institute of Onco-Radiotherapy has been awarded by the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS), with the Judith Sitt Prize, considered the highest worldwide award, for its Outstanding Contribution to Conservative Cancer Treatment of prostate and the continuous improvement of the quality of life of the patients who suffer from it. The award has been presented in Toronto to Professor Benjamin Guix, who gave a lecture on Treatment of intermediate-risk or advanced prostate cancer using intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and Brachytherapy.


“Radiotherapy advances in lung cancer treatments”

Lung cancer is one of the most frequent in Spain. Contrary to what happens with some of the most prevalent tumors, such as breast or prostate tumors, the cure rates for lung cancer are far from ideal.

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“The cure of breast cancer, a multidisciplinary matter”

In breast cancer treatments there are more and more advances. Radiotherapy is, without a doubt, one of the fields that has evolved the most and this, together with other disciplines, means that today we can speak of cure rates of over 90%.

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“One of the advantages of intraoperative radiotherapy is that it prevents any remaining tumour cells from proliferating when the wound is healing”.

Doctor Benjamín Guix director of the IMOR Foundation, speaks to Vanguardia Salud about the advantages of intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer.

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Prostate brachytherapy is effective in almost 100% of cases.

Early diagnosis improves prognosis and treatment is more effective and with fewer side effects.

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Brachytherapy, better than surgery in prostate cancer.

A Spanish study published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology-Biology-Physics which included the participation of the IMOR Foundation, Medical Institute for RadiationOncology in Barcelona, concluded that patients with low-risk localised prostate cancer maintain a better quality of life when treated with brachytherapy than with surgery or radiotherapy alone, and that brachytherapy combined with IMRT offers a better quality of life to patients with localised intermediate or high-risk prostate cancer.

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“We have achieved spectacular outcomes in prostate cancer”

In an interview in Periódico Universal, Doctor Benjamín Guix, director of the IMOR Foundation, Medical Institute for Radiation Oncology in Barcelona, explained the advances in radiation therapy and brachytherapy that now make it possible to cure the vast majority of patients with tumours.

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Elderly patients with prostate cancer who are treated actively show much better progress than those who adopt expectant behaviour or not very efficient treatments. The article describes how patients over 75 treated actively (with brachytherapy or radiation therapy) for prostate cancer instead of follow-up of the progression of the disease, have a risk of dying from any cause of only a third that of patients who receive no treatment.