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Quality Policy

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General Objective

The general objective of IMOR (Institut Mèdic D’Onco-Radioterapia) is to offer a service of excellence in the treatments offered to our patients, based on rigor and commitment and achieve it through continuous improvement, to respond to the needs of patients, doctors and collaborators.

Atrys defines IMOR's Mission and Values


IMOR (Institut Mèdic D’Onco-Radioteràpia) is a monographic centre dedicated to the care of cancer patients. Its goal is to provide quality, fast and personalized care by offering the most innovative medical technology.

IMOR has a team of professionals specialized in radiation oncology who collaborate with institutions of recognized prestige both nationally and internationally, including heads of service of other hospitals and professors of schools and universities,

Radiation therapy is one of the main treatments for cancer. It can be used as a single option or associated with chemotherapy or surgery treatments.

The mission of the IMOR is to offer the patient a quality, fast and personalized attention, using the most advanced medical technology worldwide and with facilities that offer maximum comfort.

Strategic lines

  • Improvement of the benefits for a high quality medical assistance based on continuous improvement.
  • Improvement of patient-centered action, orienting medical services towards the needs of them and their families.
  • Improvement in the processes of the Organization, integrating in a generalized way the professionals in the improvement of the same of the Quality of medical care.
  • Improvement of the organization’s quality management and patient safety standards to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of care.
  • Improvement of Quality Training aimed at the dissemination of culture, methodology and management tools for the continuous improvement of quality.



  • We assume the commitment to fully fulfill our obligations to the best of us and giving that extra effort that distinguishes us as people of excellence.

Professional Quality:

  • We know that it is our duty to provide excellent services to both internal and external customers, based on a solid professional training, the continuous training of all those who collaborate in the group and the search for permanent development as people and as professionals.

Human Warmth:

  • We believe in respect for the dignity of the human person and strive to provide the best treatment to all the people with whom we interact.


  • We put the utmost care and meticulousness in the attention to medical and nursing procedures, using the best technological and human resources available for the best diagnosis and the best medical quality to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • We honor our commitments and obligations to collaborators, suppliers and authorities, fully complying with applicable regulations of any kind and treating with the truth those who use our services.


  • We eagerly seek to meet the needs of our patients, our team of medical professionals and our institutional clients, through the willingness to listen and the flexibility and resolve to act on their behalf.

Isabel Lozano
CEO Atrys