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Medical Physics and Radiation Protection

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The Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department (SFMyPR) is responsible for supervising the correct functioning of the equipment producing ionizing radiations as well as auxiliary equipment. For this purpose, a large range of radiation detectors is used: 3D robot dummies that allow analyzing the radiation beams, detector matrices, ionization chambers, etc. This department is crucial to guarantee the total safety of patients and workers.


One of the most important functions of the Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department is planning and dosimetry of all treatments given to each of our patients. For this purpose, we use virtual treatment simulators, 3D and 4D planners, treatment verification equipment, etc.


Likewise, thanks to this constant research, we can detect possible errors, correct them and advance improvements that result in more efficient and less invasive treatments with minimal side effects. We achieve it especially with the minimum margin of error through exhaustive quality controls that are carried out constantly and periodically.

Application of the legislation in force

It is responsible for ensuring the safety and radiation protection of our patients, workers, the general public and the environment. For this, among other things, periodic inspections are carried out to certify the quality and the perfect condition of the facilities and equipment. This is the case for both the treatment units and the verification teams. Current legislation is complied with and the competent authority inspections are carried out.
In all areas, it involves keeping the protocols and procedures up-to-date in accordance with the applicable standards and recommendations of renowned professional associations and national and international entities.

Radiodiagnosis: request information

If you are looking for an oncology clinic, note that the IMOR Foundation is a Catalan oncology institute that offers different treatments for radiotherapy and radiophysics for cancer. We offer information benevolently to all those who contact us to know more about our Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department (SFMyPR) in particular or about our oncological services and treatments in general.