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3D Radiotherapy

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At IMOR, we have conformal 3D radiotherapy systems to treat tumors, which is a system that allows treating the tumors with greater efficacy and lesser side effects for the patient. In the process, state-of-the-art computers and specialized software are combined to adapt the beam of radiation to the size and shape of the tumor. It is usually used in the treatment of lung cancer, prostate cancer and some brain tumors.

What is the basis of the 3D radiotherapy?

This type of radiotherapy is based on the use of patient’s images acquired using a CT scanner in the same position as the one at which the treatment will be carried out. The images acquired are reconstructed in three dimensions (3D). Powerful computers simulate the treatment by proposing the combination of beams suitable for each location and introducing the doses established by doctors for the proper treatment of the patient.

These computers with the set of associated programs, called planners, perform complex algorithms to calculate the dosimetric distribution represented three-dimensionally on the computer screens. As a result, the so-called dosimetric report is obtained. This report gives, among others, the parameters for the placement of the treatment units as well as the doses in different risk organs and the Monitor Units (UM) to be given to the equipment for the execution of the treatment.

Conformal 3D radiotherapy: Further information

For further information about conformal radiotherapy or conformal 3D radiotherapy, please contact IMOR and we will provide you with all the precise details about our different treatment options.