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Ophthalmic brachytherapy with RU-106 applicators or with I-125 seeds

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IMOR foundation offers an ophthalmic brachytherapy treatment with an innovative technique of ocular oncology. For the treatment of ocular tumors or retinoblastomas, radioactive lenses called “applicators” are used. These applicators are inserted and fixed in the eyeball for a few days during which they perform the corresponding treatment.

About the diagnosis

The applicator used and the duration of treatment will depend on the characteristics of the tumor. For the diagnosis, we have the technology that allows us to offer a more accurate image-guided diagnosis, and that offers us the best starting point for a specific treatment.

About ophthalmic brachytherapy treatment

This became possible through the continuous improvements in the technological field, for both ocular oncology and other subdisciplines of oncology. This technique focuses on acting on the area, leaving the adjacent areas on the margin.

It is a more efficient and less aggressive treatment for the patient, and allows the maintenance of a good routine of life, without the alterations or side effects that require the administration of other treatments. For further information, contact our institute now.