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Intraoperative radiotherapy

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The technique of intraoperative radiotherapy consists of performing radiotherapy treatment on the surgical site, in the operating room, immediately after the tumorectomy of the corresponding lesion. It is an intensive treatment to fight against various tumors. It is usually used for the treatment of breast cancer.

How does it work?

The intraoperative radiotherapy equipment of the IMOR Institute is a miniature accelerator made up of very practical and versatile X-ray equipment that allows the administration of a complete radiotherapy treatment in a single fraction. As it is an equipment that acts intraoperatively, the technique is also called electronic brachytherapy. All have proven clinical trials.


It has advantages both for the patient, who becomes healthier and has fewer risks with this intraoperative radiotherapy treatment, and for the medical professionals and radiotherapists since it allows us more precision and gives us margins of maneuver in many situations we face to.

The external irradiation that it produces in the target zone excludes neighboring or surrounding healthy tissue. That is why this treatment is usually applied in cancer cases with highly complex tumors if we want to excise the tumor during the surgery. This treatment is also used in cases with a high risk of having microcells with cancer remained in the body.

In this way, we can treat these patients quickly and efficiently. Although it is not always possible to apply this treatment due to the excessive proximity of vital and sensitive organs, we have other treatments that we can apply in certain complicated cases. Contact the oncologists of our IMOR Institute to request further information about our treatments.