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VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy)

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VMAT is a form of IMRT where the dose of radiation is applied to the tumor by continuous 360º rotation of the treatment unit.

The dose distribution is precise with the shaping and adaptation of the dose to the form of the tumor. Sessions may include one or more arcs for treatment and stop and start at some particular angles.

This form of treatment requires the accelerators to meet very specific and demanding technical specifications such as high dose rates (dose delivery rate), strict control of the accelerator rotation speed and movement of the leafs, etc.

In the treatment, a linear accelerator should be used. In practice, this technique allows applying the treatment much more rapidly than other techniques with one full rotation. Treatment with a single arc of 360º can be performed in less than 2 minutes.

Which diseases does it used for?

The Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy is indicated especially for the treatment of head and neck tumors with certain characteristics, as well as prostate cancer and central nervous system tumors. At the IMOR Institute, we are specialized in this kind of treatments. For advice or further information, please contact us.

Its advantages


A linear accelerator that reduces the treatment time to one or two minutes compared to other more traditional systems with which the treatment lasts about one hour.

More precision

The irradiated beam can be fully adapted to the shape and size of the tumor and can be applied accurately from any angle. 3D image-guided radiation therapy with successful results. It allows the administration of the doses accurately and in a targeted way.

Risk reduction

As the treatment time is shorter, the risk of unwanted movements during the treatment is reduced.

More comfort for the patient

This speed and safety of the treatment make the patient feel more comfortable while the treatment is being administered.