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IGRT (Image-guided radiotherapy)

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Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) is one of the latest and impressive tools that technology has granted to our industry. It is perfect for utmost control and for precision more than millimetric when applying the treatment to the tumor. For example, for the treatment with intensity-modulated radiotherapy in which the intensity of each beam when giving the radiation must be regulated according to the type of tumor, size, area, etc.

Thanks to the advanced and sophisticated radiotherapy tools available today, we have the possibility to administer very sophisticated treatments with great precision. What happens is that the human body is not so precise as there are absolutely normal physiological movements in all the organs of our body.

This variability in the situation of each of the organs limits the precision with which the treatment can be administered, leading to a series of uncertainties and errors. To compensate them, the margins of the treatment fields must be expanded, which inevitably involves the irradiation of healthy tissues more than necessary, leading to more side effects and increasing the risk of long-term sequelae. In other words, the patient is given the radiation dose specifically defined for the relevant type of tumor, which is strictly necessary. With this technology, it is possible.

Objective of the IGRT

Image-guided radiotherapy or IGRT is used to reduce these uncertainties and reduce the margins of the treatment fields. The particularity of this treatment technique is that every day, once placed on the treatment table and before performing the relevant session, the positions of the organ to be treated and the neighboring healthy organs are verified and compared with the theoretical situation in which they should be.

Its advantages

IGRT allows us having the certainty that every day, the treatment is carried out where it has to be done and that the healthy neighboring structures that must not be irradiated are really outside the irradiation fields. The great advantage is that the uncertainties practically disappear, so that the safety margin that must be left around the organ to be treated is minimal and, therefore, the amount of healthy tissue irradiated is greatly reduced, improving the tolerance to treatment and reducing the frequency and severity of side effects.

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